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The role of parents and carers is vital to the success of homework for individual pupils. With the cooperation of adults within the family group on a regular basis, homework will be effective in helping to raise achievement.


The main focus of homework should be on Literacy and Numeracy. Science and other subjects can be included as the pupils move through the school, but the initial focus on Literacy and Numeracy will not be lost. Homework should consist of a range of activities, and should not be seen as just formal exercises carried out by children without help from adults.


As your child moves through the school, a greater emphasis will be placed on:


  • Researching information
  • Reading in advance as preparation for a lesson
  • Preparation for oral presentations
  • More traditional written assignments
  • Practical Numeracy tasks, e.g. measuring, mental calculation, collecting information
  • Developing knowledge of the vocabulary of Literacy, Numeracy and science.


For more information please see our Home Learning Policy.