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Bug's Blog

Hello, I'm Bug the St Nicholas school dog!

Oh, how I love being part of the St Nicholas family.

I am lucky to spend time with the staff and children - I also love to meet and greet families on the gate in the morning and after school.

Here are some fun facts about me;


Name: Bug 

Date of Birth: 06.06.2019

Current achievements to note:

Pets as Therapy assessment completed - passed with flying colours - December 2023

First Pets as Therapy visit to Cherry Trees Care home, 23rd January 2024

I can fall asleep within approx. 2.8sec (that may be a world record?!)

St Nics champion of the Chase me game

Chief squirrel spotter

Favourite food: Fish (I have quite a few allergies and fish keeps my skin and coat spick and span)

Favourite toy: hmm, difficult choice, probably my sparkly donut that Archie and Emily gave me this Christmas

Closest friend: Betty the British Bulldog (she lives at home with me too)


Keep an eye on this page, I am going to start blogging my adventures at St Nicholas school and in my PAT role too.


See you soon,





What do our school community think about having a school dog?


What Bug means to me... from the children...


Bug is always there for you if you are sad or just need a cuddle. Ruby year 6


She is always there for you when you need her. Marc, year 6


She is special! Not all schools have a dog. Alice, year 3


She makes our school unique. Emily, year 3


She is a really nice dog. Flynn, year 3


It's a nice surprise, when we see her. Rory, year 4


I feel happy when I see her. When I stroke her I don't want to stop and could do it forever. Freddie, year 5


It feels happy and so nice to have a hug with Bug. Emily, year 5


I used to be scared of dogs but Bug made me feel better and more secure. Alex, year 6


I am so happy when I see Bug in the morning. It really helps us come into school - I love to walk her into school!

I don't always want to come to school and she helps keep me company. She cheers you up and calms me down! year 3 child


Bug motivates us, she is kind, cuddly and cute!

We should look after Bug, she is gentle and doesn't bark. year 3 child




Archery at the Greig Leisure centre

Wow! I have had so much fun today.

I have been to a new place in Alcester called the Greig Leisure centre. There were so many people to meet, including children from other schools, teachers and staff at the centre too.

Our children were also there competing in an Archery competition, which involved doing lots of different events to help them develop their target practice.

My job was to network with everyone giving out free hugs and strokes.



Bug's trip to Cherrytrees care home, Alcester


Today was my very first official PAT dog visit. Apparently, the humans had to fill in lots of extra paperwork for this one (not sure what that is, sounds exciting!)



When I got there, my nose and eyes were very busy. It was new sights and smells for me to understand.

There were staff and residents to greet me, all smiling and making noises that my ears loved!

It was cuddles and hugs galore for me, I even got lifted up (felt taller than a Great Dane!)



Some of the residents used to have their own doggy companions but can't have a dog now, that meant that they were so happy to see me and were able to reminisce about pets that they owned in the past.



Apparently, I was a 'good girl' which meant that I get to visit again. Hurrah!



On the way back to school, we snuck into the Pet Shop where I chose doggy pick and mix! Yummy!